2014-Present   The Pennsylvania State University, Lab Instructor, University Park, PA

Course: PSYCH 301W-Basic Research Methods in Psychology (three semesters)

2014-2014       The Pennsylvania State University, Instructor, University Park, PA

Course: PSYCH 421-Self and Social Judgment

2012-2012       University of Florida, Teaching Assistant, Gainesville, FL

                        Course: PSY 2012-Introduction to Psychology

2012-2012       University of Florida, Teaching Assistant, Gainesville, FL

                        Course: SOP 3004-Introduction to Social Psychology

2011-2011       University of Florida, Teaching Assistant, Gainesville, FL

                        Course: SOP 3004-Introduction to Social Psychology


2012-Present   Dr. Reginald B. Adams, Jr., Social Vision and Interpersonal Perception Lab, The Pennsylvania State University—University Park

2011-2012       Dr. James Shepperd, Threat-Management Laboratory, University of Florida

2010-2012       Dr. Catherine A. Cottrell Laboratory, University of Florida

2007-2008       Dr. Daniel P. Cervone Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago


Fall 2010         CLP 6527—Measurement, Research Design, and Statistics I

Spring 2011    CLP 6528—Measurement, Research Design, and Statistics II

Topics: distributions and central tendency, reliability theory, evaluation of reliability and validity (internal and external), item analysis, bootstrapping, power analysis and equivalency analysis, GLM procedures (correlation, regression (simple and binary logistic), mediation and moderation models, one- and multi-way analysis of variance with between- and within-subject factors).

Fall 2011         CLP 6529—Applied Multivariate Methods

Topics: multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) and extensions (ANCOVA, repeated measures analysis of variance), discriminant function analysis, hierarchical mixed effects models, factor analysis (principal components, EFA, CFA).

Spring 2011    CLP 7934—Best Methods for the Analysis of Change

Topics: Classifying change (reliable change, standard error of measurement), trajectory concepts, time varying covariates, error structures, centering, non-linear change, latent curve models (conditional and unconditional), periodicity, non-linear time basis, autoregressive, growth, and mixture models, cohort sequential designs, planned missingness, intensive longitudinal designs, event occurrence and discreet-time hazard models. 

Fall 2012         HDFS 517—The General Linear Mixed Model (HLM) using SAS

Topics: clustered data and correlated residuals, nested and crossed effects for correlated data, fixed and random effects in repeated measures analysis of variance as multilevel model (trends as outcomes, patterning the covariance matrix, contrasts, slopes as outcomes), individual curve models (time-varying and time invariant covariates), polynomial curve models and trends, advanced nested designs, time as categorical or continuous variable in regression, laird-ware general linear mixed model, multilevel formation (HLM).

Spring 2013    HDFS 597E—Advanced Structural Equation Modeling using LISREL

Topics: LISREL, standard factor models, path models, latent growth curve models, longitudinal factor models, multi-group factor models (including behavior genetic modeling), (M)AN(C)OVA of repeated measures, multi-level factor models, and hybrid combinations of factor models.


AFNI, AMOS, Matlab, ePrime, LISREL, Opensesame, Photoshop (Adobe), Gimp, Psychomorph, Qualtrics, R, SAS, SPM, SPSS, Tableau, and Microsoft: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point; Fluent in Spanish.