CARLOS O. GARRIDO, PhD.                                       

If you want truly to understand something, try to change it 

                                                                    --Kurt Lewin

I am a social psychologist at The Pennsylvania State University. I am presently under appointment in the Social Vision and Interpersonal Perception laboratory. Generally speaking, I take a face processing approach to study cross group perception. 

UPDATE: I have recently accepted a postdoctoral position with the University of Arizona and will be starting early next spring.

In what manner do social stereotypes influence, in a top down manner, visual representations of outgroup members in context? To what extent can people accurately assess internal states (i.e., emotional states, personality-related characteristics) after brief exposure of targets' neutral faces? What are the implications of the dehumanization (defined as denying humanness) of outgroup members on intentions to approach or avoid the group? I seek to answer these questions through experiments that utilize a wide range of tools, methods, and approaches. The scope of my research includes but is not limited to the following general topics:

-Social vision and face processing

-Top down influences on the visual processing system

-Intergroup perception

    -Prejudice, stereotypes and stigmatization

        -Dehumanization and infrahumanization

-Non-verbal communication